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Dear friends, welcome to emotional.gr!

Photography full of warmth and emotion. This is our aesthetic goal in portrait and documentary photography, which in fact defines our wedding photography style. Aesthetically, we seek the balance between the spontaneous snapshot and the directed pose and choose the musical background of our creations based on the particular style and personal aesthetics of the couple as we experience it both in the ceremony and in the communication  before and after that.

Artificial lighting used is primarily complementary to the natural one, tailored to the needs of the stage expressiveness of the couple. The approach to digital image processing is minimalistic, aiming at a natural result that helps the observer to recall from his or her memory the feeling of that moment.

We use 35 mm format digital still cameras and standard and high definition digital video cameras that are complemented by fixed wired and portable wireless creative lighting units and the associated creative photoconverters. Only renowned manufacturers, such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, JVC, Lastolite, 3M, Radiopopper, Velbon, Manfrotto, Hoya, B + W, Lowepro, are selected. In the lens territory which we consider the most critical link in digital photography workflow, we combine fast 2.8 zooms and ultra fast primes for the highest possible aesthetical and technical outcome.

Our artistic associates and suppliers are always chosen on the basis of the quality of their work, their professional consistency and, above all, their integrity, which enables us through a relationship of trust to create together the final result we are envisioning for each assignment. Which is not only to fully satisfy our customers but also to exceed their expectations !

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